Zeroplast is part of Hyperbiocoat, a highly regarded award-winning research project

The startup Waxwell, which was founded just recently, in 2017, and now a part of Zeroplast since 2019, succeeded in creating a sustainable new development in injection molding material development. This was also possible with the support of international research partners and as an important part of a highly regarded and award-winning project, Horizon 2020, under the leadership of Fraunhofer ISC.

The aim of the Horizon 2020 Project Hyperbiocoat is to develop a bio-based, organic barrier coating. Zeroplast is the consortium partner in charge of analyzing and developing applications that are suitable for use in cosmetic packaging. Sufficient barrier protection is crucial for cosmetic applications. Bio-based and biodegradable solutions are the future; this is the only way to reuse the materials in a sustainable, cradle to cradle way. A huge competitive advantage for Zeroplast.



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