To produce injection molding with natural materials requires self-regulating and software-based processes.

The idea driving production is the desire for complete data networking during every step of production, with the additional option of a self-regulating mechanism within a range of predetermined quality tolerances. This is considered to be an aspect of industry 4.0 concepts.

More than 200 employees produce over one billion packing units on a surface of approximately 2,600 square meters every year.

Production steps that are self-regulating and fit together like puzzle pieces translate into an automatic zero-error system.

The production quantity per cell increased by more than 400% within eight years; the number of scrap parts was brought down from approximately 15% to less than 3%. One step in the quality control system is to send every workpiece carrier to a vision control station. While there, every molded part undergoes an automatic 5-axis scan.

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