A Zeroplast USP: Water-soluble plastic, tailor-made templates through injection molding

Zeroplast sol is a family of materials we have developed which are 100% water-soluble without any traces of microplastics. Thanks to Zeroplast’s in-depth knowledge of various substances and raw materials, as well as the know-how resulting from over 1 billion parts produced annually, it was possible to optimize our production technology in the last few years. Products are customized according to the customer’s requirements; any variation in the bio-based raw materials is detected automatically and adjusted accordingly.


  • Hazardous substances which come into contact with water when dosing or using them
  • Fragrances, cleaners or additives, such as bath bombs or shower tabs, whose specific packaging size offers more convenience when using them
  • Foodstuffs which have a standard portion size or are diluted with water
  • Products which, from a marketing standpoint, are to be prepackaged

Advantages compared to foil

The compound and product are planned and created individually, with specifications relating to performance, price, temperature and time taken into account. Foil is created from longer PVA chain structures to ensure tensile stability, which means that it takes longer for foil to dissolve. In addition, injection molding gives you complete freedom when designing your product.