100% bio-based

Zeroplast lite is a bioplastic that consists of 100% bio-based raw materials.


Weight reduction through foaming in the injection molding process translates into a decrease in the amount of materials used and an ability to compete with conventional plastic in terms of price.

Price competitive

Zeroplast lite is a high-tech bioplastic which has been optimized for use in industrial injection molding. As a result of its special production technology, when few materials are used the costs of materials and production are comparable to conventional plastic.


A bio-based and biodegradable barrier coating successfully developed under the leadership of Fraunhofer ISC.

Zeropolast lite consists of bioplastics such as PLA, PHA, PHB, chitosan, plant starches and other compounds we optimize for industrial processing with injection molding. Our USP is the ONE-STOP solution for every specific product requirement: from individual raw materials to pellets and, ultimately, to the final product. Plus, we use all of the special technologies we need for production; one example is physical foaming, which also allows us to reduce the amount of material we use and, as a result, reduce prices when calculating the finished packaging. Consequently, this makes up for the main competitive disadvantage of bioplastics and the reason why their use is still not widespread. Plus, it’s possible to achieve higher strength values with the same wall thickness. This is done in a targeted manner where it is required.

USPWeight reduction by means of a production process developed in cooperation with Wittmann Battenfeld (foaming)SustainableThe area needed to produce bioplastics such as PLA decreases with increasing consumptionCompostableBiodegradableRecyclingRecyclable when appropriate dyes and labels are usedMaterialStarch-based compound, waste productsProductionIndustrial injection moldingApplicationsCosmetics, foods, household, toysBarriereBio-based barrier protection

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